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"The only visible sign of life, is growth."

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Some of our past transactions are listed below, depicting both the mandate and the outcome.

Intellectual Property Purchase

Mandated by a well-known wine co-op in the Western Cape to negotiate and structure a private funding round for the purchase of a locally developed brand of wines but only available in international markets. The deal was successfully negotiated and structured utilizing both structured funding and private equity.

International Market Rollout

Mandated by a Cape Town based medical diagnostic firm to structure an investment proposal for the international rollout, specifically the US and European markets, of the product range. The final proposal is today still in use as template by the management of the firm for their new investment rounds.

Structure and design of financial product

Mandated by the Boat Building fraternity in Cape Town to design and structure a new insurance/working capital and financing model for the boat building industry in South Africa. The model was designed in conjunction with the BMDC network in the UK and underwritten by both the CTBI and the Western Cape Government Economic Department.  

International Hotel & Resort Development

Mandated by a South African & United Kingdom joint venture to structure and negotiate a full funding round for the development of a hotel and yacht resort in the Seychelles.  The deal was structured via local and international finance partners with the bulk of the funding via a South African private banking group.  

National Marketing Rollout

Mandated by a Cape Town based information technology company to structure and negotiate a funding round for their national marketing operations. The deal was funded in full by one of the leading IT funds in South Africa.

Management Buy-out of a national retail chain

Mandated to structure, design and negotiate share funding for a MBO in a retail chain in South Africa. The deal was successfully structured and funded via a structured funding programme from an international banking firm.

Trade Agreements for start-up business

Mandated by a manufacturing concern to negotiate trade agreements with a Fishing Company on the West Coast of South Africa to install and co-own flake ice machines for supply to the local fishing industry. Two sole-trade agreements were negotiated whereby the Group would purchase the machines as well as the ice manufactured prior to selling it on to the different fishing groups in the area.

New Mobile Bottling Plant

Mandated by a newly formed small business to structure and negotiate a start-up funding round for the establishment of a mobile bottling plant in the Stellenbosch wine industry. Funding was negotiated in full to enable the client to furbish and operate the business effectively.

New Supply-chain Company

Mandated to structure and design a new Cape Town based venture to act as distributor for a Johannesburg supplier of products in the Health & Beauty industry. The business was structured and full start-up funding negotiated.

New Construction Sub-contracting Business

Mandated to structure and design a new venture in Kwa Zulu Natal to act as sub-contractor for kerbing work in property and road development projects. This business was designed and full start-up funding negotiated.

Trade Funding Round

Mandated to negotiate full trade funding for a Cape Town based importer of raw paper products. The deal was funded in full by a South African trade finance specialist group.