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"The only visible sign of life, is growth."

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Adriaan Esterhuizen boasts extensive experience on a managerial and ownership level in the insurance, property and private business sectors since 1993. The exposure led him to gain valuable insight into market trends which sparked an interest in the global venture capital industry. He started a research programme in 1999 into global venture practices with a specific focus on the role of venture capital and private equity in the entrepreneurial market. By mid-2000, he had built an impressive client and funding network and due to demand from some of his individual clients, he moved into the venture structure and funding market full-time the same year by starting BMDC, a company specializing in the restructuring of businesses with the eye on high level turn-key management structures.

Over the past 16 years, Adriaan has been privileged to consult and work with some of the prominent investment groups and private funds active in Southern Africa. The ever-changing market has also led him to start focusing more on the mergers & acquisitions and buy-out sectors. As owner and CEO of BMDC, he continuously strengthens ties between BMDC, global consultancy firms and private funds, in order to expand the service reach and expertise within the BMDC network. To date he has built a vast network of contacts across the dealmaker industry and, coupled with his street smarts and the knack for developing strategic ventures, has grown BMDC to a point where it stands above the crowd when it comes to a proven track record, strategic interaction with his clients and mentorship abilities.