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"The only visible sign of life, is growth."

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BMDC is a 16-year-old business management consultancy operating across South Africa and in most of the neighbouring countries. We have an administrative office in Middelburg, Mpumalanga and a satellite office in Cape Town.

For us the main qualifying criteria of any new business or expanding venture is the strategic structure which ultimately determines the investment attractiveness. BMDC looks at businesses from an objective point of view, suggesting and implementing changes, where necessary, to the strategic make-up or business model. We believe in taking an honest and direct approach when it comes to engaging problem areas, and construct solutions that make a positive and lasting impact on the client’s bottom-line.

We specialize in the design of workable effective business models and the structuring of the business itself. Part of these services include due diligence studies, investment summaries, business plans and executive summaries. All of which the client can use to apply for funding on his or her own if not using us to do so on their behalf.  

Capital raising or fund sourcing forms a vital part of our service portfolio and we have direct access to various private and institutional investors, including the local and international PE/VC fraternity. We thus assist clients with the raising of business funding for their respective entities provided the investment opportunity meet the different investment criteria as stipulated by each separate fund or investor. Lastly we get involved on top management level within client businesses for a period after completion of a funding round, to ensure the business moves forward as a cohesive unit.

Our service portfolio also includes due diligence studies on behalf of various local and international investment groups prior to their funding commitments.


We serve three main types of clients; the new business owner, either at business idea stage (Breadboard Stage”) or those that are just starting out (“Alpha Stage””), secondly the existing business looking to expand and lastly the struggling business that have reached a stage where financial rescue or a full operational and/or management rescue is necessary.

Separate to the above BMDC are also an accredited mentor for the VC4A (Venture Capital for Africa) programme and assist Africa-wide entrepreneurs with online mentoring in establishment of their businesses.